Expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads

What is bonded bead cavity wall insulation ?

EPS or Expanded Polystyrene Beads are a very effective form of cavity wall insulation. Polystyrene beads are injected into the cavity of a wall with a bonding agent. The beads and adhesive solidify to form an insulating barrier and this significantly reduces the amount of heat lost through your walls (which is how most homes lose the majority of their heat).

cavity insulation for stone walls
Homes built from stone are rarely suitable for the standard mineral fibre fill system, but for many properties bonded bead cavity wall insulation can provide the answer.
Bonded beads
Bonded beads in a wall cavity
Insulation improves your home's energy rating
EPS bead cavity wall insulation will typically raise your home's energy rating by one level

How effective is bonded bead insulation?

The reduction in heat-loss through your walls is dependent on a number of factors including what your walls are made of (brick, stone, concrete blocks etc.) and how wide the cavity is (a wider cavity means a greater depth of insulation).

Heat loss through a wall is measured by its “U-Value” and we would expect the amount of heat lost to reduce by between 65% to 85% with bonded bead insulation.

Advantages of bonded beads

Because bonded beads have excellent ‘flow’ characteristics substantially fewer drill holes are required when compared with other cavity fill systems.

The fluid nature of the system means that during installation the beads fill voids very effectively meaning it can be suitable for stone cavity walls.

Bonded beads give an excellent combination of price and performance. Installation work can be completed quickly and efficiently with a minimum of disruption.

Can be suitable for stone houses
Can be suitable for stone houses
superior thermal efficiency
Superior thermal efficiency
Excellent cavity fill characteristics
Excellent fill characteristics
fewer drill holes
Fewer drill holes
will not slump in the cavity
Will not ‘slump’ in the cavity
allows water in the cavity to drain naturally
Allows water in the cavity to drain naturally

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Because bonded bead insulation will significantly reduce the amount of heat lost through your walls you can expect:

  • Your home will heat up more quickly and retain heat overnight more effectively.
  • Your fuel bills will be lower.
  • Your home’s Energy Performance rating will improve. Cavity wall insulation will typically move your home’s rating to the next category.
  • Your “carbon footprint” will be reduced. Carbon emissions for a typical four-bed house occupied by an average family, is reduced by around one tonne per year for the life of the house.

EPS beads have very good thermal properties and are water repellent, they do not rot or decay, and do not provide nutrient value for insects, parasites, or animal and plant life.

The latest EPS Polystyrene bead systems provide an alternative to mineral fibre. The system is fully guaranteed and is covered by either a CIGA guarantee or manufacturer's warranty.

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